Bespoke creative content for all literary and commercial needs.


I help some of the world’s most interesting people tell their stories. I can't name names, but my clients include:

  • The inventor of one of the modern world's key technologies.

  • An international TV and film studio.

  • A prominent climate activist.

  • A New York fashion model.

  • A Canadian politician (not the one you're thinking).

  • Multiple founders of multimillion dollar companies.

  • A government with a very well-known flag.

  • An indie game company.

  • A doctor who wrestled a bear. Yes, really.

Through conversational interviews conducted on your schedule over Zoom, I can turn any story into a complete manuscript. I can advise on traditional publishing options, or create a book for you and publish it on Amazon, Google, and / or any platform of your choice.

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My editing services include:

  1. Editorial Assessment: a first look at your manuscript with feedback about where to go next.

  2. Developmental Editing: big-picture, manuscript-level editing. I'll look at the story as a whole, plot, tone, structure, style, consistency, pacing, appropriateness for the audience. Does the plot work? Do the actions of the characters make sense? Is the language appropriate? Does the information come at a proper pace? Are there scenes that need to change and how do those changes affect the rest of the story. Does the narrative achieve its goals?

  3. Copy Editing: Here I examine the text at the paragraph and sentence lever. I check for the flow, the readability, showing versus telling, consistency, redundancy, and clarity.

  4. Proofreading: The most granular level of editing. The final polish before release. I do not offer proofreading as a standalone service, but I can offer it in addition to other services.

Self Publishing

Ready to get your work out there? I can take any idea you have, or any manuscript at any stage, and turn it into a full-fledged book. I can help you publish on any of the following platforms:

  1. Ebooks

    • Amazon

    • Google

    • Apple

    • Barnes and Noble

    • Smashwords

  2. Print Books (paperback and hardcover)

    • Amazon

    • Barnes & Noble

    • Lulu

Other Services

Web Content

Game Writing and Design

Grant Writing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools